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This is a collection of my musings and ponderings on life in God. I hope you enjoy!


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Election Day Results
November 9, 2016
Today is one of those days when the thoughts of men's hearts are laid bare. It is a day that will reveal whether you as an individual have venom in your heart. Venom is revealed by arrogant boasting in the midst of 'victory' as well as by hateful, derogatory comments about the nation's new leadership and those who voted for Him. Of far greater importance to your personal destiny today is not who was elected but, whether you will choose to deal with the venomous seeds of the enemy in your heart through repentance. If you rejoice today, then I encourage you -- do not boast and thereby shame yourself. If you are saddened today, then seek the comfort and consolation of the Father who has an abounding supply of hope and fresh vision to offer you today. Each day's events, whether great or small, give us an opportunity to draw closer to God and His plans or further from Him as we allow the thoughts and venom of the enemy to pervade our thinking.

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