Welcome to my blog site! I am affiliated Corneiius Connection International, and it's affiliate ministry "The Exchange." The Exchange is a discipleship training ministry that lays the foundations of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ to enable people to live a life freedom and empowerment through "connected communion."

I am a former campus missionary at the Universty of Houston and Texas Southern University. I worked for a ministry called Every Nation for six years before planting a house of prayer at the Unveristy of Houston.  

I am a mom of three and my greatest passion is praying for transformation in society through the invasion of the Kingdom of Heaven (God's government of love). I love to share the insights I get with in my journey with the Lord here on this site.

I presently use this site to share my blog which is a combination of prophetic insights and teaching points that I gain as I journey with the Lord.

Thank you for visiting!

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