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September 11, 2012

Dear friends,

Greetings for another school year! I hope you had a refreshing summer. I did, although it came with many new preparation activities... What I mean by that is that the Lord surprised my husband and I with some exciting news in the Spring... we are expecting our first baby boy! In fact it won’t be long before he makes his entrance as he is due October 10th.

This surprisingly wonderful news caused an unexpected wrestling all summer for me about how or if my involvement on campus should continue after our son’s birth. I love campus ministry and the opportunity that I have had to influence, encourage and equip college students in their walk with the Lord over the past nine years. It has been a tremendous challenge for me to discern God’s will for me concerning occupational ministry but I have finally come to the peaceful conclusion that it is time for me to resign so that I can stay at home with our son.

The goal is to complete my transition by December, however, with our son’s birth landing in the middle of the semester I will withdraw from all but some administrative duties by October. For those of you who are financial partners I will be contacting you directly about how this affects your giving.

With that said, I would like to attempt to express how thankful I am for your partnership and prayers over the past nine years. I quite literally could not have remained on campus that long without you. Campus ministry has been an amazing and challenging chapter of my life that has taught me so much about Christian service, evangelism, prayer, missions, unity in the Body of Christ, the importance of giving and so many other things. In addition, I don’t believe I could even begin to count how many lives the Holy Spirit has touched through your partnership. But I am completely assured of this... God has been storing up treasures in heaven for you which you will get to enjoy in eternity!

If you’re wondering more about what I’ll be doing in the future, I intend to volunteer a few hours a week in an advisory and administrative capacity with the ministry that provides accountability and Spiritual covering for the C-HOP -- Cornelius Connection International. Cornelius Connection is dedicated to building ‘houses of prayer,’ providing discipleship training, and networking like-hearted ministries/churches for partnership in the harvest. That’s all the space for this letter. More info coming soon...

Eternally grateful,



  • That God would continue giving wisdom to the body of Christ on our campuses to function as “one body.”
  • That God would “strengthen believers on our campuses with His glorious might.”


March 23, 2012


“Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power;

In holy array, from the womb of the dawn,

Your youth are to You as the dew.”  - Psalm 110:3

Dear friends,

As you may know another Spring Break season recently passed. Although a week of rest for some students, Spring Break, has infamously become an increasingly depraved time with thousands of students gathering at beach locales throughout the US with the express purpose of drinking excessively, doing drugs and sleeping with multiple partners. It is no surprise that incidents of accidental death and rape are on the increase at these times. One of the popular destinations for this sort of activity in Texas is South Padre Island. 

In 1980 a ministry called Beach Reach was established to serve the party-goers with pancakes, free-rides, free e-mail checks, etc. During the week a 24 hour prayer room is opened to petition Heaven’s throne for breakthrough. These services provided Christian students with an opportunity to share the Gospel with their party-going peers. Seventy students from various ministries at UH joined a total of 700 other students to serve and engage the party-goers with spiritual conversations. The result this past year was that hundreds of students repented of their sin and 78 remained long enough to be baptized in the Gulf waters at the end of the week. Countless other seed was sown and the students who went to serve grew in faith and saw God’s power working miracle after miracle. One of the most amazing things that happened routinely was that drunk students would supernaturally sober up as they were engaged in spiritual conversation with believers. God provided opportunity after opportunity for young men and women to respond to the Gospel.

Another issue that has become increasingly popular amongst students at UH is the topic of Human Trafficking. A prayer-based ‘abolitionist community’ is forming on Friday evenings through the instruction of Exodus Cry Prayer Watch Houston (part of Cornelius Connection, our covering ministry). Students have been gathering to learn, pray, create awareness and get involved in rescuing women and children who are enslaved in our city. This ministry is just getting off the ground and partners with several other like-hearted ministries in the city.  Please keep them in your prayers, as they go into the darkness with the light! I will be telling you more about this issue in the future. 

Blessings and thanks,


Please Pray:

  • That God would continue giving wisdom to the body of Christ on our campuses to function as “one body.”
  • That God would “strengthen believers on our campuses with His glorious might.”
  • That God would continue to raise awareness about the issues of injustice, including human trafficking, in our city and anoint and appoint believers to pray and go!  


January 10, 2012


Year End Review...


It has been quite a year here at the Campus House of Prayer and you have been an integral part of it! As we step into 2012, we wanted to give you a recap of some of the highlights from 2011:

  • Bosnia Mission Trip: We visited several cities in Bosnia to minister to young church leaders and do prayer training. Key leaders in this nation were encouraged at a critical time in their walk with the Lord.
  • 72 Hours of Prayer for the FIRST TIME EVER at UH – Many ministries gathered together to worship and intercede in the middle of campus. This resulted in growing hunger for the Lord and increasing unity between ministries. The following is a quote from the Daily Cougar (campus newspaper) after 72 Hours of Prayer, “There is an unusual amount of collaboration between Christian organizations at UH. It is something I have never seen. There is a unity here that is quite unique. It is a beautiful thing to witness and I am so excited to be a part of it.” This is an amazing testimony because this was simply not the reality of the spiritual climate in the past. In fact ministries were quite territorial.
  • Exchange Ministry Grows: Students were trained in the message of the cross, based on the book of Romans. The result was personal freedom from deep-rooted rejection, tormenting dreams, fear, anxiety, and lust etc.
  • UH Prayer Warriors Help Sustain a Prayer Room at the NCAA Final Four: Heaven’s throne was petitioned for the protection, conviction and revelation of Jesus for the players, coaches, and support staff in attendance at the event. Historically events like the Final Four result in increased sex trafficking, pornography, and drug and alcohol abuse. Therefore multiple prayer ministries gathered to create a prayer covering for our city during this time.
  • Two Interns Join Us: In an economy where many nonprofit organizations have had to cut back, we were amazed and humbled that the Lord has caused us to increase! Thanks to your generous provision we have had finances available to support Erika Walton and Laura Smith part-time to help advance the culture of prayer at UH and TSU.
  • 55 Hours of Prayer: Another round the clock prayer event involving collaboration between ministries resulted in increased unity, participation and instruction on intercession, the importance of intimacy with the Lord, and Spirit-led evangelism. This event culminated in the launch of a weekly inter-ministry prayer meeting at TSU!
  • Increase in the Miraculous: As a testament to the power of prayer and faith in Jesus, all across campus we are seeing miraculous conversions (God revealing Himself to students privately in their dorm rooms) and healing miracles. In one case a family member of Erika’s in another city who was in hospital experiencing organ failure due to a severe case of Meningitis was prayed for in our weekly meeting and was ‘unexplainably’ healed that week.

These are just a few highlights from the past year. We hope that they have encouraged your faith to continue believing God for His purposes and promises to come to fullness in your life. As always, if there is anything we can be praying for you please never hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,

Campus House of Prayer (Ali, Erika, Laura & Susie)


September 30, 2011

Ali Wilcox   










“There is one body and one Spirit just as also you were called in one hope of your calling;

one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.”      

- Eph 4:4-6


It’s a new day for campus ministry in Houston. The divide between ministries and churches is coming down and many are actively seeking to work together as one body. This creates an atmosphere of amazing potential for God to truly touch a generation of young people like never before. This is happening at both the University of Houston and Texas Southern. Additionally, a spirit of prayer is stirring as people are remembering to trust in the power of God through His presence and answered prayer rather than in what they themselves can accomplish. At UH students from many groups have been gathering daily after lunch for prayer and worship. We have never seen this before!


Our little organization grew to four staff people over the summer. Laura Smith, who was active in our ministry as a student, is now working with us part time. You may also remember that Erika Walton joined us last spring. Erika’s heart is working with students at Texas Southern University and Laura is participating at both schools.  Erika is happy to report that the Baptist Student Ministries, Every Nation Campus Ministries and C-HOP are all working together to reach out to students there. Additionally, Erika recently participated in a student training retreat with the BSM. Students were deeply touched by her ministry and passion. Over the course of the semester she will continue to meet with them to teach on prayer. Many are encountering God’s promise of joy in the house of prayer!


On a personal level, having two more hands to help with the work is enabling me to take more time to study and recharge this semester. The past two years of campus ministry have been the most exciting and rewarding of my eight years in campus ministry but they have also been very busy. I have found my heart needing some extra time to get energized. I’m so thankful that God has provided this opportunity by sending more laborers! 


For those of you that I haven’t caught up with in awhile I also look forward to catching up over the next couple of months. I am eager to hear about what is going on with you. Thank you for your continued commitment to transforming the college campus!





Please Pray:

  • That God would continue giving wisdom to the body of Christ on our campuses to function as “one body.”
  • That God would “strengthen believers on our campuses with His glorious might.”




June 30, 2011

Ali Wilcox













Well a lot has transpired since I last wrote! On  April 22nd I got married to Roger Wilcox so I have a new last name! We are having an absolute blast and are thrilled that God put us together. It really feels like a ‘match made in heaven.’ I have learned firsthand the joy of trusting God to find my spouse — knowing that He would do a far better job that I could have done for myself. After we got married, he had to return to the UK for a business trip and I got to travel with him. He was born in England but grew up in Scotland… so we briefly visited his brother just north of London and his parents in Aberdeen, Scotland. That was my first trip to both cities.


In June we both got to go on the Biblical Study Tour in Israel that I participated in previously. My favorite part this year was camping in the Negev desert for five nights. I learned firsthand the practical kindness of the Lord appearing as a “Cloud by day.” Such a cloud would have provided a beautiful shade to shelter the Israelites from the hot dessert sun. This is such a beautiful picture of God’s kindness and grace toward us on the journey of life. Also, one evening, just after we finished preparing our camp and eating dinner we saw a lunar eclipse. While in the desert we studied about Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael and Moses in particular.


Our band of ’prayer warriors’ has continued meeting over the summer led by one of our former students, Laura Smith, who recently returned from New York state. God sent her back at just the right time to help out over the summer — she has been such a blessing.

Vegev Desert

Additionally a bunch of campus ministries in the Houston area have been meeting together to continue to dialogue about how to help each other make the most impact in the city. Our friend B.J. Ramon at the Baptist Student Ministries has been spearheading this movement. All of your prayers for unity have reached a tipping point I believe. It is amazing to see and be a part of it.


Blessings to you,





Please Pray:


  • For wisdom and direction for the upcoming semester.


  • For our newest staff person, Erika Walton, to gain financial support for full-time ministry.


  • That God would continue to give wisdom to the campus ministers and students at UH to continue growing into “One Body.”

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